Stinson Beach

Nothing is better than family traditions, and our annual trip to Stinson Beach may be my absolute favorite. When my wife was just a kiddo, her grandmother lived in a cute little house right on the beach; and now Stinson offers her the sweetest nostalgia of childhood adventure and beachy memories. Brea’s grandmother is gone, as is the family property, but we still roll into town every 4th of July and embed ourselves into the beauty and culture of this coastal gem. Each year Brea’s family takes over a little hotel called the Sandpiper inn, and we dig our heels in for several days of pure joy and relaxation.

It’s always good to catch up with the people we love when there is no agenda for a couple days. Life has a way making us so busy we forget to stay connected to people. The beach has a special magic of giving us the time and space to remember how important friends and family are. This year our crew of family and friends was totally epic, and I’m so thankful for all the people that make it to the beach each year! Continue reading

The Secret to Happiness

There is an amazing book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called “Flow” which talks about optimal experiences and how they are linked to happiness. He talks about how people achieve Flow by becoming so completely involved in a moment that their mind is clear and their work or action is flawless without effort. Skateboarding simply cannot happen without achieving some amazing flow. In fact, I believe skateboarders spend way more time in optimal flow than most of the general population and are therefore much more happy than your average Joe. My theory is that if we were to integrate and build skate-able features into the design of our cities, the residual happiness would make the entire city a more awesome place to live. So next time you see some skateboarders lurking around your property, don’t kick them out, instead go offer them a plate of cookies and some lemonade and you are guaranteed some smiles, laughs and a few cool new friends.

I got a chance to go out skating with an all-star crew in Sacramento last weekend. It was nice to dust off the skate shoes catch up with the boys.

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Sacramento Cocktail Week

It has been a busy week for Sacramento’s elite mixologists. With a series of educational classes and a full calendar of custom events, the cocktail enthusiasts have had plenty to see and sip this week. I got a chance to celebrate cocktail week early with a tasting tour of the people and places involved. Here are some of the people and drinks I discovered along the way.

Simple and delicious are the keys to cocktails at Paragary’s.

JAYSON WILDE is one of the owners of the amazing new bar/barber shop BOTTLE AND BARLOW. He came into the studio to shoot the cover of the SNR and we put together a little cocktail orange look.  Well well well ma little brothers, cheers!


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Beer Week in Sacramento

Beer Week in Sacramento

After taking a year break from editorial photography, my first assignment back was to shoot content for the beer issue of the SN&R. As a lover of beer who rarely has the time to enjoy a pint, this was my excuse to participate in beer week before it even started.


My first stop was Final Gravity Taproom & Bottleshop in Roseville where the owners, Amy and Kyle, hooked me up with this delicious glass of New Belgium Cocoa Mole.

While I was in Roseville, I dropped in on the Owl Club where Rick Sellars poured me an extremely rare Firestone agrestic single barrel #16 and told me about re-furbishing his late 1800’s mahogany bar top. The bar was hiding under granite for dozens of years before Rick pulled it off and found this gem. This is, hands down, the best place in old Roseville to get a beer.


Capitol City Beer and Taproom has some of the best selection in bottle and on tap in the region.  Ken and Patti are full of stories and always laughing it up.  Ken poured me some kind of pale ale with grapefruit notes, can’t remember the name but it was delicious.IMG_0440

Lowbrau is everyone’s favorite place to see and be seen.  I love the scene here, top notch beer selection and excellent people watching.  Alexis hooked us up with a variety of drinks and some food including one of my favorite beers the Alagash White.IMG_0605

Last stop was the Sudwerk Brewery for a visit with the worlds nicest brewer, Mike Hutson.  Mike took me all over their impressive facility and showed me the inner workings of Sudwerk.  He also hooked me up with a few barrel tastings and some bottles of the secret stuff they are working on.

Mike also made the cover.  beerissue-1
Have a safe and happy beer week out there. If you are looking for something to do, there is an event calendar on the Beers in Sac website.

The Real Juice

I finally had some time to swing over to Sun and Soil Juice Co. to get some photos for Submerge Magazine. The place is absolutely charming, inviting and full of intoxicating smells. Molly and Tatiana have outdone themselves with their new juice business and I couldn’t be more excited for them. It’s the perfect time and place for this kind of business in Sacramento. The cafe is fun to photograph as it’s full of greenery and saturated with light. The menu is mouth watering, and the customers are all bubbling over with intoxicating energy. I really could have stayed all day and even thought about filling out a job application! I can’t say enough about this place and the cool people behind it. You have to drop by 1912 P street, give it a taste and see what the buzz is about.