indomitable Team

The Sacramento Republic FC business office is in the old beatnik space on 17th and Broadway. We launched beatnik studios there in 2008 and began the process of pouring our hearts and souls into the walls of that building. After 5 years we purchased our own place at 723 S street in downtown Sacramento and hauled our business across town. When I walked into the Republic office for the first time after the move I couldn’t breath and almost broke into tears. My life for the previous 5 years had completely revolved around the brick and mortar sitting at 2421 17th street. I’m really happy that such a neat organization could take our place there, and I wish them the absolute best of luck.

So anyway, I decided to dust off the old soccer gun (canon 1d mark II), borrowed some long glass, and head out to see the Sacramento Republic vs Orlando City SC at Bonney Field in Sac. It was pretty cool to see such a high caliber of soccer against the backdrop of the state fair. Back in the day I made a living shooting competitive soccer so I know the drill pretty well. One rig on a monopod with something long like a 400mm 2.8 and a 2x extender, second rig over the shoulder with a 70 – 200mm 2.8 plus the 2x extender. That’s a lot of gear to be graceful with.. I had forgotten how hard it is to shoot with the big lenses; you really have to put in time to get good with them. The match was really fun and exciting. I saw a bunch of my soccer fan buddies in the stands cheering for our boys. Next time I’m going with a beer in my hand!

-Wes Davis




Got some decent action shots for my first day back on the fields!


canon 300mm 2.8 L series.  I think I was the first person to rent this thing from photosource. Thanks Mike!

Jake Gleeson is a damn good keeper.





Jack Avesyan
This guy, Jack Avesyan, is super fast and really fun to watch.





Baffled and Folded

We’ve all seen the cool folded cardboard inside the big glass box on the corner of 17th and I streets in downtown Sacramento. Turns out that one of the biggest supporters of Beatnik in the early days, Albert Dreyfuss, designed that building in 1956 with his company Dreyfuss and Blackford Architects. How many of us have said “didn’t that used to be a dance studio?” or “I went to a really strange party there a couple years ago.” Yep, I was at that party too, and we have all wondered just what has become of that unique fishbowl.

Turns out Dreyfuss and Blakford architects are back on site helping design the innovative and inspiring working space for VSP Vision Care. D&B partner Jason Silva, aka the King of Cardboard, has been working with Jay Sales and Jeff Ferreira-Pro from VSP to create a workspace unlike anything you have ever seen. Here’s a sneak peak. To find out much more about the project, check out the blog post from D&B architects.










Architecture at Launch

Jason Silva is one of my favorite people in Sacramento and he never ceases to amaze me with his ambition and energy.  I shot a few photos from an installation of cardboard architecture at this year’s Launch festival.  Amazing and inspiring.. we need more young architects who can think and create outside of the box… or simply out of boxes.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year.


The Family Silva


cross section of the cardboard seating during the event


helping hands


volunteer crew of cardboard buildersIMG_5561 mars building never looked so goodIMG_5650