Samia + Link Nighttime Engagement

Samia + Link
Kansas City, MO

I need to set the stage a little for this blog post. I was planning to shoot my cousin Samia’s engagement session during sunset while I was traveling in Kansas City, MO. Samia and her fiancĂ© Link were driving up from St. Louis to meet me and ran a little late. I watched the sunset from the hallway in our hotel while waiting for them to get settled in. By the time we hit the streets it was night. I was afraid about losing the light, but shooting in the night actually opened a whole new world of ideas for me. Also, hanging out with my cousin and her awesome guy was such a special treat, it really made for an unforgettable experience. Thanks Sami and Link, see you this November in Seattle!

BTW… All I carried was a canon 5d mk2 with a 50mm 1.2lens and a cheap prism. Everything in this post was done in camera. So much magic in the darkness!

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