Baffled and Folded

We’ve all seen the cool folded cardboard inside the big glass box on the corner of 17th and I streets in downtown Sacramento. Turns out that one of the biggest supporters of Beatnik in the early days, Albert Dreyfuss, designed that building in 1956 with his company Dreyfuss and Blackford Architects. How many of us have said “didn’t that used to be a dance studio?” or “I went to a really strange party there a couple years ago.” Yep, I was at that party too, and we have all wondered just what has become of that unique fishbowl.

Turns out Dreyfuss and Blakford architects are back on site helping design the innovative and inspiring working space for VSP Vision Care. D&B partner Jason Silva, aka the King of Cardboard, has been working with Jay Sales and Jeff Ferreira-Pro from VSP to create a workspace unlike anything you have ever seen. Here’s a sneak peak. To find out much more about the project, check out the blog post from D&B architects.










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