Stinson Beach

Nothing is better than family traditions, and our annual trip to Stinson Beach may be my absolute favorite. When my wife was just a kiddo, her grandmother lived in a cute little house right on the beach; and now Stinson offers her the sweetest nostalgia of childhood adventure and beachy memories. Brea’s grandmother is gone, as is the family property, but we still roll into town every 4th of July and embed ourselves into the beauty and culture of this coastal gem. Each year Brea’s family takes over a little hotel called the Sandpiper inn, and we dig our heels in for several days of pure joy and relaxation.

It’s always good to catch up with the people we love when there is no agenda for a couple days. Life has a way making us so busy we forget to stay connected to people. The beach has a special magic of giving us the time and space to remember how important friends and family are. This year our crew of family and friends was totally epic, and I’m so thankful for all the people that make it to the beach each year!

Stinson does not allow fireworks, and I love it. There is less sense of imminent danger.. Less worry about nervous animals, fires or kids getting hurt. The one July 4th tradition they do have is the Tug-O-War. Each year Stinson and Bolinas run a huge rope across the channel that separates the two towns and pull to determine who is the most mighty village.  Most years, the prize goes to Bolinas, but we have a blast watching the epic battle anyway. The Tug happens early in the morning on the 4th.  Hundreds of people dress in wild patriotic outfits and make the journey out to the cold shore. It’s a real feast for the eyes and the senses, and an experience like no other. If you ever want to test your strength.. please come join team Stinson. There is no sign up, just the 25 strongest people on each side.. There is also a men’s and women’s tug so come to Stinson next 7/4 and pull for your country!

Mt. Tamalpais sits in the middle of Marin County and tumbles down from 2500 ft into the town of Stinson. There are a bunch of breathtaking hikes on this mountain that offer views of both the coast and San Francisco. This year we took a 7 mile hike from Stinson up to Pantoll station and back down to the beach, and we did it with a half dozen kids in tow. The kids all encouraged each other and the hike became a competition for who could make it the furthest. They all did amazing and I only had to carry Bijou for a couple miles while she napped in the backpack.

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