Skateboarding is hands down the best vehicle for exploring a city. Fast and nimble, slow and casual, skateboarding is the magic carpet ride of urban transportation.

Every skateboarder must make a pilgrimage to Barcelona at least once in their lives. Last September, I was lucky enough to make the trip for the 2nd time. It is hard to describe just how special of a place Barcelona is for those of us who have been pushing around on 4 wheels for most of our lives.

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Santiago, Chile

My first trip in the Southern Hemisphere brought me to Santiago, Chile. After struggling to adjust my magnetic sense of direction to a world inverted, we set about discovering the city.

Santiago is a city of color, crafts, books and music. Colorful murals and street art cover the walls and neighborhoods. Crafty merchants set up displays in the streets and plazas and sell all kinds of hand made arts. Shops are full of locally sourced and regionally crafted goods and clothing. There are record shops and book stores on every block, the kinds of shops where you can find the most amazing curated collections of literature, artwork and vinyl. The city breathes a kind of social awareness through history and culture; which are celebrated and held close.

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Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is the most remote inhabited island on our planet. Take a look at a globe, look at the pacific ocean and find the center of the largest area of blue; that’s about where this tiny island is. My partner Brea wanted to take a pilgrimage for her 40th birthday, so we planned a trip to the smallest rock in the largest ocean in the world.

I hadn’t shot film in a long time, so I decided to bring my canon Ae1 and a few rolls of 35mm along. I had forgotten how magical it feels to shoot film, I tended to slow down and enjoy hunting for images.  In the end, I thought my film work was a little stronger than the digital.  See if you can tell which is which 🙂

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