Skateboarding is hands down the best vehicle for exploring a city. Fast and nimble, slow and casual, skateboarding is the magic carpet ride of urban transportation.

Every skateboarder must make a pilgrimage to Barcelona at least once in their lives. Last September, I was lucky enough to make the trip for the 2nd time. It is hard to describe just how special of a place Barcelona is for those of us who have been pushing around on 4 wheels for most of our lives.

Traveling is always both painful and exhilarating. Long flights, strange food, sleepless hours of uncomfortable shifting in rigid seats; it is totally worth it in the end, but I still can’t wait until teleportation is mastered. Here is Ryan on our balcony, day 1, overlooking our new playground.

Shaking off those sea legs and taking to the streets.

Barcelona is a melting pot for skateboarders from all over the world for good reason. The architecture is dynamic and inviting, the city is designed for fun and for public gathering in open spaces. There are public plazas in every neighborhood and plenty of wide open spaces without motor traffic. The locals enjoy the sport of skateboarding; rather than profiling skateboarders as criminals and bums, they see skateboarding as a progressive and healthy activity for the energetic youth to be expressive.

The stairs are endless, but the vistas are worthwhile. Spanish people are probably happy and healthy because the walk everywhere. Barcelona’s streets and neighborhoods are always lively with walkers of all ages. There is no better way to get around than on your own feet, plus you never miss the beautiful details!

We stopped in on our friends at Laser Barcelon, to learn more about their super rad company and their DIY roots.

Rik is a well connected fella and some of his friends are some of the best skateboarders in Spain. Including these two dudes; Alex Amor who is lipsliding the entire block at Universitad and Damia Tesorero who is a master lensman seen here filming Alex.

So long Spain, I hope to see you again soon.

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