Warehouse Artist Lofts

The city of Sacramento came out in droves to celebrate the grand opening of Warehouse Artist Lofts, and take a peek inside this very unique space.  This is a mixed income housing projected in the middle of one of Sacramento’s historic R street district, only blocks from my own project, Beatnik Studios.  The WAL is also exclusively inhabited by artists, and happens to be my own little family’s new home.  I feel blessed to be part of such a great and creative experiment.

Ali Youssefi, the developer of the project has brought great guidance and vision to the WAL project.


The crowd was a full spectrum blend of people; from weirdos to suits and everyone in between.IMG_4512 One of my awesome neighbors, Dacy, with her kids.IMG_4458Raphael Delgado (green pants) is one of my favorite Sacramento Artists.  His studio is one block away from the WAL.


Garrett, one of the owners of Shady Lady Saloon, will be helping put together the bar concept on the ground floor of the WAL.IMG_4519 IMG_4517 IMG_4522

Ali’s dad Cyrus YoussefiIMG_4507 IMG_4479 IMG_4515

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson’s only complaint was the lack of a basketball court at the WAL.  The lineup on this ribbon cutting was heavy with Congresswoman Matsui, Wendy Saunders from CADA, Mayor KJ, Ali & Cyrus Youssefi, counsilman Steve Hanson and a couple other big wigs and hot shots whom I can’t recall.

Artist Micah Crandall-Bear and Shady Lady owner Garrett Van Vleck

Don’t know this guy but he walked into my composition with the perfect shirt on.

My lady and my baby get a bird’s eye view of the couryard


Matched my shoes and plants to the ground and pants.

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