Creativity Plus Presentation

This is an outline of my Creativity + presentation earlier this year:

Skateboarding has enabled me to become a better photographer.

Skateboarding culture is fast, passionate, full of risk and pain; but most important, it is a culture that embraces creativity and individuality.  My complete absorption in this lifestyle during my youth gave me the tools I needed to thrive in a fast paced creative industry; here’s why:
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Warehouse Artist Lofts

The city of Sacramento came out in droves to celebrate the grand opening of Warehouse Artist Lofts, and take a peek inside this very unique space.  This is a mixed income housing projected in the middle of one of Sacramento’s historic R street district, only blocks from my own project, Beatnik Studios.  The WAL is also exclusively inhabited by artists, and happens to be my own little family’s new home.  I feel blessed to be part of such a great and creative experiment.

Ali Youssefi, the developer of the project has brought great guidance and vision to the WAL project.


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