Skate Incognito Issue #3 premier

For those of you that don’t know, Skate Incognito is one of the best things to happen to the skateboarding scene in Sac in a long time.  It’s an online multi-media magazine and with a solid group of creative minds behind it.  It’s also helping the scene thrive to have such a relentless hard working crew on a constant mission to skate and create artwork.  Seriously great work guys.. keep it up.  Issue #3 was just released so we celebrated with a little shindig at the Lurk Hard / Official warehouse.   I got down their early and hung some photos for the event.  Here’s the recap…

I’m Burnie I’m Burnie I’m Burnie for you….

Richard, Kendo, J May

Kyle Duvall.  The man behind lots of the photos in the mag.

Danny, the CEO and filmer for the mag.

Richard puts it all together

Ricky, crystal Krull

Chuck brought most of Gardnerville with him

Judd Hertzler, appropriate shirt.  I’m pretty sure he works on the mag too.


T bone pits

Gino. Man behind the Lurk
They kicked us out right when the party was starting to go..

See you next time. Can’t wait for issue #4

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