Alli and Satsi

Alli Galaxy and Satsi Sonic have recently merged into one epic supernova.  I was honored to be a part of this day.. it was truly one of the most magical and moving unions I have ever witnesses (and I’ve witnessed lots).

Most weddings the guys are guzzling booze prior to the event.  Not these guys

Satsi was crying tears of joy when he first saw his beautiful bride.

Smudging is a traditional method of clearing any negative energy from peoples hearts, bodies and minds.  The smoky sunlight and sweet smell of sage transformed the forest into a spectacular sacred space.

Priestess Tasha, always with a warm smile and an open heart.

I broke down after the ceremony and melted for a couple moments with the newlyweds.

Shinneyboo Creek Campgrounds is the place to be if you want a forest wedding with tons of camping and amazing swimming holes.

Details from the Tree of Life constructed in the ceremony site

Bad Unkl Sista not only designed the dress but she also did a powerful and evocative  Butoh dance.

I can’t speak highly enough about the amazing people who helped bring this together for the lucky couple.  Here’s a list of some of the champions of the day:

Additional Photography / my best friend:

Lindsay Calmettes


Riley Marr/Ri’Ze Creations

Ceremonial tree and sacred space construction:

Iain McMahon, Jeremy Mustille, Jerome McCarthy/Sticks & Stones

Dress & Groom’s Vest:

Anastazia Louise/ Bad Unkl Sista

Bouquets & Bulk Flowers:

Deena Miller / Sweet Roots Farm


Tasha Berg

Wedding Coordination:

Megan Bowers, Jamie James/Mirrorball Special Events


Utopian Stone Nevada City

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