Guitar Hero

My good friend Christian Salisbury is one of the most amazing artists I know. Christian is Luthiery, a guitar builder, craftsman, artist. His instruments are stunningly beautiful and amazing to play. I dream of some day owning a one of a kind Christian Allan guitar. Until then I still get the pleasure of photographing his work and taking them for test drives. Here’s a “Resonator” that he just finished… this thing played itself and sounded like a dream!

Here’s a couple more shots of the S Series guitar. This one is for sale on his website…. my birthday is in October if anyone’s interested 🙂

Here’s a couple of JR Halliday’s guitars.. he’s the guitar player from ZuhG. JR likes to get rough with his instruments and Christian is kind enough to nurse them back to health. There’s a Japanese re-issued 1963 Telecaster and an original 1963 Fender Jazz Master. Please be nice to that Jazz Master JR or I might have to place it in some kind of guitar protection program at my house.

Visit Christian’s website and if you need a guitar worked on hit him up. Christian leads a very spiritual life and is always a pleasure to visit with and talk to. This guy radiates loving energy and you can feel it in his work.
Peace, Love and Granola!

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