I took a little break from blogging and now I have to catch up.. There’s all kind of things want to share with the world but I have to go back in time a little and start where I left off.

I went to HI last summer to photograph a wedding and ended up staying for a week to soak it all in. HI is truly the state of aloha, there’s a sweet smell to the air and the people are amazingly friendly and connected to the energy of the islands. I didn’t want to leave and when I got back I couldn’t stop thinking about it.. Maybe that’s why I didn’t post this blog because that would be the final closure for the trip. Oh well… I’m saving up to go back soon. Here are some of the things I saw 🙂

Here’s a couple shots of me jumping off the rocks at Waimea Bay
The top one was shot by Lindsay Calmettes and the bottom one shot by Mandy Draper
It’s not too often you have two of California’s premier photographers shooting your shenanigans 🙂

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