Ananda Community, Nevada City

One last trip to the foothills before the summer ends! I decided to go visit my good friend, spiritual conspirator and guitar technician Christian. Chris lives in the Ananda Community on the San Juan Ridge just outside of Nevada City. It was my first time visiting the community and I was amazed at beauty of the place and the people. I hope to go back up and visit again and again. Thanks for fixing my guitars Chris, see you soon!
BTW if you need any guitar work done email Chris 🙂

There’s a new school and arts center being built on the property

Learn more about the community at

5 thoughts on “Ananda Community, Nevada City

  1. Wes, met you in front of Master’s Market at Ananda. Nice blog, amazing pics. Mine aren’t as classy but check out my blog at Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Wes,

    I found your blog through Christians FB page.

    The photos of the Hermitage are great. I’m about to start a site where we’re promoting the Hermitage as a wedding location ( and I was wondering if you’d like to contribute a photo or two to the site. The one of the wrought iron gate is especially nice. I should be able to get you a photo credit on the site, but I don’t think we have any budget for new photos, mostly because people here take a lot of shots of the Hermitage that we can use.

  3. Hi Wes, I was a regular at Ananda in the beginning days in the 60’d era. The geodesic domes were not built yet, nothing much was and you either camped in a tent on in a sleeping bag under the stars.. which I did, it cost all of $5 or so then. Kryananda was there I believe.. i woke up one night with a herd of wild horses running towards me, I quickly jumped into the sleeping bag closest to mine, a male attorney from Sacramento I hadn’t met. We became friends. Back then I lived in SF and was usually found on Columbus and Broadway still savoring the end of the true Beatnik end. Anyway, loved your pix… I am a makeup artist now, in Sacto.

    • Thanks for the compliment, nice to meet you! We need makeup people around Beatnik from time to time so keep in touch.

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