The Secret to Happiness

There is an amazing book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called “Flow” which talks about optimal experiences and how they are linked to happiness. He talks about how people achieve Flow by becoming so completely involved in a moment that their mind is clear and their work or action is flawless without effort. Skateboarding simply cannot happen without achieving some amazing flow. In fact, I believe skateboarders spend way more time in optimal flow than most of the general population and are therefore much more happy than your average Joe. My theory is that if we were to integrate and build skate-able features into the design of our cities, the residual happiness would make the entire city a more awesome place to live. So next time you see some skateboarders lurking around your property, don’t kick them out, instead go offer them a plate of cookies and some lemonade and you are guaranteed some smiles, laughs and a few cool new friends.

I got a chance to go out skating with an all-star crew in Sacramento last weekend. It was nice to dust off the skate shoes catch up with the boys.

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At my recent art opening my good friend Aric Hondel was talking to me about how important it is to be dedicated to skateboarding and that only people who have lived the life of a skateboarder can truly capture it well. I’m very thankful for all my friends that have been skating with me for sooo many years. Skateboarding is my sanctuary and I will always be in love with it. Here’s some shots of my buddies 🙂

By the way if you’re in Sacramento make sure you swing by Beatnik Studios at 2421 17th street and check out the art show.. The work will be up until Jan 24th. There’s another reception on Saturday Jan 14th. Hope to see you there!


Judd Hertzler

Tristen Moss

Mike Rafter

Stefan Janoski

Ryan Stark

Ryan Stark

Rob Mason

Ricky Krull

Matt Rodriguez

Matt Jordan

Mark Dillon

JR Diaz

Dan Worth

Chuck Donnatin

Geoff Carter

Andrew Dellas