Rad Dads

Happy Fathers day to all the rad dads out there! Keep up the good work, your awesome children are going to take over soon.

My dad, Steve Davis.
IMG_0311 Grandpa Davis with my baby Bijou and partner Brea.IMG_0086IMG_4012 IMG_0034

Uncle Jon and cousin Joey NeumeyerIMG_1080 LRGcollage1

Judd Hertzler.IMG_0310IMG_5744 Matt Rodriguez.IMG_5626 IMG_9620

Rik Krull.IMG_0714 IMG_0246 collage

Matt Pailes.DSCF2520 Jason Maggio and Mark PGL3T2412Dave Urke, welcome to the club.
IMG_0099Mike Baker aka Pops the Beat Wizard
IMG_0162Dave Calmettes
IMG_0145 Jason Silva.

IMG_6034Peter SaucermanIMG_7532 Mike Jennings.IMG_7857IMG_8467 Ryan Rose.IMG_0156Alvie McClearyIMG_0365Mike Popovich RIP
IMG_0635Jason Martin
IMG_9875 (2)Jonathan Canlas
oct 31 2009-1-15Andre Fylling


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