Brad and Mackenzie Engagement

“We don’t really want an engagement session, they are just too cheezy,” said Mackenzie when we first sat down to talk about photography. “Maybe they just aren’t cheezy enough” I replied.

Brad and Mackenzie are top shelf foodies. The guest list for their wedding is full of local chefs and people in the restaurant industry. I knew we had to do something different. Now all they have to do is decide where to seat their rowdy friends.. at the kale table, the cheese table or the champagne table.

Here is further proof that Beatnik attracts the most interesting type of wedding clients. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this March!

kale and chard

bananas and cucumbers

carrots and beans


flour and chocolate2

flour and chocolate1


eggs and champaigne


3 thoughts on “Brad and Mackenzie Engagement

  1. Best ENgagement post ever dude. You really nailed it. Makes me want to see more! Great work dude. “Not cheesy enough” is the best reply.

  2. Mackenzie, I think we need to make Brad an honorary REC major!!! It looks like you found Mr. Fun Loving!!! Loved the Photo shoot – Wishing you all the Happiness this World has to offer!!

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