5 day photo challenge

My good friend and fellow photographer Emily Kiyomi challenged me to a 5 day photo project the other day. I have been so busy lately I have forgotten how awesome my day to day life really is, so I took it as an opportunity to show off my daily life. Follow me on a journey through time and space from Nov 6th –  Nov 10th.


I’m always in Sacramento on Thursdays to check in on the gang at beatnik studios. I’m starting a new intern from the MET highschool over there and we were looking for fun things to shoot. We took our lunch break and wandered over to the Official Headquarters to skate the halfpipe in the company warehouse.

Ricky Krull works for official, we also play together in a band called Güero, and he can handle the company ramp like champ.


My family is invested into the building that houses beatnik studios. As co-owner of the building, my dad, Steve Davis, always finds lots of projects. This particular afternoon he was caulking the skylights on the roof. In his retirement, my dad has found himself extra busy with a partnership in a nearly 100 year old warehouse building in downtown Sacramento. Thanks for all of your support and kindness pops, we are all incredibly grateful for you around beatnik!
Steve Davis. Father, grandfather, teacher, husband, mountaineer, canyon scrambler, driver of the homeless bus, farmer, friend, volunteer, chairman of the board for the Placer Nature Center, electrician, handyman, modern day saint.

Saturday I volunteered my time helping out some friends in the skateboarding community. Andrea and Melanie started SkateMD to help developmentally disabled kids find fun and friendship through skateboarding. It was a really heart warming atmosphere at 28th and B skatepark in Sacramento. The kids all had such an amazing time learning to skate!


Sunday we packed up the family and headed to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft Fair. The city can be a little overwhelming if you are not accustomed to it.. also if you have an 8 month old baby. Parking was a nightmare, the event was too crowded and stressful. We didn’t even buy anything, we just had to hightail it out of there before anyone had a breakdown. SF was an amazing place for me when I was a young skateboarder, but these days it just feels different. The tech boom has really changed the energy in the city. It’s still beautifully mysterious and romantic.. but I’ll take Sacramento any day. Here’s a shot of the golden gate on the way in and out of the city. Shooting the bridge seems a little cliche but hey.. it’s the freakin Golden Gate!


Brea is back to work on Mondays and I’m back on daddy day care duty. I took Bijou over to the park in Martinez for a ride on the swing and a stroll through the oaks. She loves the nature and the wind in her hair! We took lots of fun selfies with the fisheye. She really lit up when mom got off early and came to meet us at the park.


Thanks for the inspiration to shoot these Emily. I’m going to nominate Christina Best Thomas for this project next.

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