Cosmic 2014

My band Güero got a chance to play at the Cosmic Family Gathering this year. I didn’t shoot much but I did get some awesome shots of my friend Christian and his new guitar. Christian hand crafts some spectacular instruments. Check out the Christian Allen luthiery website to see more of his work.


Christian saw a bag of trash floating along in the icy river while I was photographing his guitar. Being the Sage he is, he took the chilly plunge and fished it out.  Check out the reflections in this photo.. pretty cosmic if you ask me.


The next generation of Cosmic Family was running all around this year, including Jason and Sandy’s little Cosmic Prince Lucas.

Russell Volksen; bassist for Güero, sports fanatic, lover of farm animals, and all around super good guy.

Perfect late night session with Adrian Bellue.

Even baby Bijou made the trip up to see dad play some music and get weird.

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