Stinson Beach

Every 4th of July my family heads to Stinson Beach to take over a quiet little hotel called the Sandpiper. My partner Brea has roots in Stinson and her entire family makes the annual pilgrimage to this little hidden town on the coast. It’s a nice place to escape on the 4th, there are no fireworks or big town parties, just a casual good time. Oh yea and the big tug-o-war between the neighboring town of Bolinas. The tug-o-war happens on the morning of the fourth and the two towns pull over a 50ft wide inlet of water. We had a blast and baby Bijou was the cutest and happiest baby the whole time.



My good friend and fellow photographer Amber Brown gave us this adorable coat and bonnet combo. It was handmade by one of her freinds, we got a million compliments, thanks Amber!IMG_6332


The Stinson boys won the tug this year, it was a heavy battle but they held out.  The girls didn’t fare quite as well, next year we have to recruit some larger ladies.IMG_6430




She’s really getting comfortable with the camera.. what a show off!



3 thoughts on “Stinson Beach

  1. A story about stinson where the best looking photo (11 wharf road, italian “peace” flag) is of Bolinas. Typical. Bolinas is just better looking, no matter how hard Stinson tries. 🙂

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