A couple of my really good skateboarding buddies and I are getting too old for tricks… so we started a band called Güero.  Say it like {wed – oh}.  The band has been more fun and exciting than any of us anticipated.. we’re playing around town a bunch and making awesome original music.  We’re playing at this place you may have heard of called Bows and Arrows on Tuesday, Jan 28th with our friends from The Royal Jelly.

This show is extra special because Bows is one of the neatest venues in Sacramento and it’s closing down at the end of January.  Bows is a really cool, all ages, fun and funky venue.  It’s a must see and there isn’t much time left.  So get your butts over there on Tuesday and check it out.

Also, Güero is hitting the studio after this show to record our first album so we won’t be playing again for a little while.

See you Tuesday!  Check out our band’s facebook page too.
farewell bows

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