Weekend at Stinson Beach

My lovely girlfriend, Brea has deep roots in Stinson Beach. When she was a little girl, her family lived right in the middle of the small town just a few steps from the ocean. They have a family tradition of visiting every 4th of July and participating in the Stinson / Bolinas tug-o-war. This was my first time to Stinson or Bolinas and I had a really nice time. The water was surprisingly warm and I went boogie boarding every day despite the sharky reputation surrounding the bay. The tug-o-war happens between the two towns of Bolinas and Stinson and the rope is stretched over a 100 yard inlet of water. The game is highly competitive, and despite having lots of bulky people on the Stinson side, Bolinas won both the men’s and women’s matches. Here are a few photos from the weekend.. sorry I’m about a month behind with my blog but I’m catching up and have lots more fun stuff to share soon, so keep in touch!
We stayed at the Sand Piper in Stinson.. great place to spend a weekend.
Bolinas won both tugs. We’re gonna have to recruit some bigger people for next year.

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