Cosmic Sunday

By the time Sunday rolls around everyone is dirty, happy and in full party mode. We’ve all completely adjusted to our new tent homes and could probably just stay for a few more weeks if need be. The fire is spinning and the hula hoopers all have new tricks. The bands on Sunday were outstanding and the people were top notch. The cosmic family is a magical bunch! It’s hard to come back to real life after a such a great cosmic journey.
Can’t wait for next year!

Cosmic Sunday-1

Cosmic Sunday-2

Cosmic Sunday-3

Cosmic Sunday-4

Cosmic Sunday-5

Cosmic Sunday-6

Cosmic Sunday-7

Cosmic Sunday-8

Cosmic Sunday-9

Cosmic Sunday-10

Cosmic Sunday-11

Cosmic Sunday-12

Cosmic Sunday-13

Cosmic Sunday-14

Cosmic Sunday-15

Cosmic Sunday-16

Cosmic Sunday-17

Cosmic Sunday-18

Cosmic Sunday-19

Cosmic Sunday-20

Cosmic Sunday-21

Cosmic Sunday-22

Cosmic Sunday-23

Cosmic Sunday-24

Cosmic Sunday-25

Cosmic Sunday-26

Cosmic Sunday-27

Cosmic Sunday-28

Cosmic Sunday-29

Cosmic Sunday-30

Cosmic Sunday-31

Cosmic Sunday-32

Cosmic Sunday-33

Cosmic Sunday-34

Cosmic Sunday-35

Cosmic Sunday-36

Cosmic Sunday-37

Cosmic Sunday-38

Cosmic Sunday-39

Cosmic Sunday-40

Cosmic Sunday-41

Cosmic Sunday-42

Cosmic Sunday-43

Cosmic Sunday-44

Cosmic Sunday-45

Cosmic Sunday-46

Cosmic Sunday-47

Cosmic Sunday-48

Cosmic Sunday-49

Cosmic Sunday-50

Cosmic Sunday-51

Cosmic Sunday-52

Cosmic Sunday-53

Cosmic Sunday-54

Cosmic Sunday-55

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