Cosmic Family Gathering – Friday

Day one is always awesome because everyone is arriving and the wave of excitement is growing… Everyone is fresh and clean from the luxuries of home. Grocery bags are full, beer is ice cold and there’s still a back up bottle of sailor Jerry, untapped. Music fills the canyon as everyone digs in for 3 days of highly refined positive explorations, magical interactions and sonic breakthroughs. I can’t express how much I love my Cosmic Family and appreciate the wonderful musical loving energy from all people present and peaceful.

Stay tuned for more shots from Saturday and Sunday

Cosmic Friday-1

Cosmic Friday-2

Cosmic Friday-3

Cosmic Friday-4

Cosmic Friday-5

Cosmic Friday-6

Cosmic Friday-7

Cosmic Friday-8

Cosmic Friday-9

Cosmic Friday-10

Cosmic Friday-11

Cosmic Friday-12

Cosmic Friday-13

Cosmic Friday-14

Cosmic Friday-15

Cosmic Friday-16

Cosmic Friday-17

Cosmic Friday-18

Cosmic Friday-19

Cosmic Friday-20

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