I’m a big fan of all things food so when I get an assignment to photograph restaurants I’m always game. The SN&R did a story called “The Cult of Ramen” and featured a couple local Ramen houses including Shoki and Ramen & Rice

Chuck and Kim are awesome people and owners of Ramen & Rice as well as Sushi Hook Izakaya. Both restaurants are in the same complex on Howe ave. near Sac State so you can visit both in one trip… bring your appetite because the food is amazing. Chuck bought us sushi and it was some of the best I have ever had in Sacramento!

Kathy Ueyama is the owner of the famous Shoki Ramen House on 24th street in Curtis Park and another on 12th and R street in midtown. Kathy is a sweetheart and her crew is friendly and passionate about ramen. Shoki is always packed and for good reason.. they use only the best ingredients and the ramen is to die for!

Here’s a few shots from Shoki and Ramen & Rice… go eat and enjoy!


sushi hook details









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