Farm to Fork

Food is a passion that I share with most living and breathing humans and for good reason. Our health and well-being revolves around what we put in our bodies and Food has the power to bring people together to celebrate and be thankful. Food these days isn’t like it was when our grandparents were kids, it has been commercialized and capitalized to a point where it is dangerous to our health. Thankfully I live in Sacramento where I have access to a vast amount of locally grown organic food that has not been grown by a chemical company or processed in a large pollution causing plant. Whew! Sacramento’s Farm to Fork movement is a huge step in the right direction.. it’s the beginning of our own local food revolution! When the SN&R assigned me to photograph a story about the Farm to Fork movement I was thrilled.. I hope this article is only the tip of the iceberg for a city wide food movement!

I spent the morning out on Feeding Crane Farms with Shannin Stein and Chef Adam Pechal from Tuli Bistro and Restaurant 13. It was a magically misty and cold morning and perfect for photographing rich greens and delicate sprouts. Shannin showed Adam around the farm and pointed out the latest and greatest organic treats. A good chef loves the soil and feels right at home in a garden; Adam was grinning ear to ear as he selected fresh greens for his restaurant and pulled them from the soil. As the farmers started showing up to work I couldn’t help but be a little envious. If I ever retire from camera work, I’m getting a job on a farm.

After an amazing morning on the Farm I headed over to Sellands Market and Cafe to meet with another Chef and Farm to Fork advocate Randall Selland. Randall showed me his latest local broccoli and cauliflower haul and treated me to an amazing lunch. Sacramento has all the potential to become the nations leading Farm to Fork city and with the passionate support of farmers and chefs alike we could really change the way people think about their food.

Please shop local and eat local! Support your local organic farms!

Adam and Shannin
Adam Pechal
greens and browns

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