Summer Road Trip

Well our road trip came and went in a blur this year but we made the most of it. We went to 8 different skateparks, 3 different hot springs and visited the oldest living things on the planet. We visited the Falcke’s at the Orchard House in Genoa NV where Rik and I played our first open mic at the oldest Bar in Nevada. We camped next to the Volcom Brothers park in Mammoth Lakes and shared coffee with some extreme families. These families pull up to the park early in the morning in off road mini vans. After mom, dad and the 2.5 kids get all padded up they commence shredding in the dangerously massive bowls at this park. I’ve never seen so many 10 year olds doing frontside airs out of 14ft transitions. Too much for us so we found the older, much smaller Mammoth Lakes park and skated the flat bar. The lakes were breathtaking (literally because it was all glacial runoff) and the camping was proper. We crash camped around never staying in the same place twice and cooking our meals over a hole in the ground. Visiting the Bristle Cone Pines was peaceful and spiritually charging as always. Up in the white mountains we got the kind of weather photographers dream of and to top it off we had a relentless lightning storm on our way back down into Owens valley. Thanks for checking out my photos.. There’s a story behind each image and I’d love to share them with you soon.
Wes Davis

Mountain Skate from Wes Davis on Vimeo.

Music by Wes and Rik

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