Covers Baby!

I shot a couple of SN&R covers this summer and got into all kinds of adventures in the process. From spicy snow cones to garage radio stations I can always expect something interesting when shooting for the News and Review. Here’s a look at some of the shots I collected while working on these two issues.

Juniper James is a hot blog for the fashion savvy, and the woman behind it all is a great friend of mine. When she’s not stalking lost styles at thrift stores or consulting designers, you can find her hard at work helping organize some of Sacramento’s most notable events.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my visit to Juno’s Kitchen in East Sac, but what I found was amazing food, friendly people and friendly dogs. This place is open to people and pets alike and the food is top notch! I’ve already been back several times for the eggplant sandwich 🙂

More from the SN&R summer guide. Cooling off with American River Raft Rentals. Thanks for helping me on this one Karen and Lindsay!

Raspados De Frutas Naturales El Manantial. Chili Mango slushie was amazing!

Blake Abbey and Emily Kiyomi up to no good.

Oleander at Concerts in the Park.. more from the Summer Guide

Carmichael Dave, renegade radio host and dad extraordinaire. Check out Dave and Sean Uncensored here.

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