Sac Peeps

I always seem to find myself working with really cool and interesting people.. Here’s some recent portraiture of Sacramento’s finest. These are the people that make our City great to live in.

Matt Pailes
Matt is a professional skateboarder and reggae / dancehall recording artist. Originally from Boston Matt now calls Sacramento home, although he’s still pretty good at the Boston accent. You can find him often at the B street skatepark or rockin the mic as Ras Matthew.

Chris Jarosz and the Wicked Wich crew
The Wicked Wich sets the standard for amazing mobile food service. They are always hustling and helping out their fellow mofo peoples. Great food and great people. You can usually find these guys at Beatnik on Final Fridays as well.

Sean Jones and Rose Moxley
Sean and Rose are lenders working in the realm of real estate. They are strong local music supporters and passionate about the culture of their city.

Billy Miller & Marc Melin
Marc and Billy are the guys behind HA Critical and Grey Skateboards. Years of experience in the Skate industry have led them to create their own companies and help the progress of the Sacramento skateboarding scene. Keep up the good work!

Matt Rodriguez
Matt is a professional skateboard and amazing percussionist. He skates for a company called Ipath and was instrumental in the development of the brand and the designs. His band the Storytellers have been shredding Sac’s music scene for years.

Judd Hertzler
Judd is retired from the ranks of Pro skateboarding but he still destroys everything on his board and he’s one of my favorite people to skate with because he’s always stoked. Judd is also a talented artist, designer and art director. He’s currently a freelance design / web developer and his work is amazing!

Aaron Nelson
Aaron is an author, storyteller and the creator of the graphic novel “Marlow.” Aaron’s reminds me of a character from a film noir and I bet he drinks lots of scotch.

Mike Rafter
Mike is another ex professional skateboarder turned creative entrepreneur. He is fixated with small motorcycles, mopeds and vintage motor bikes and can fix anything with two wheels. He also may or may not be the leader of a gang of moped riders called the Land Squids.. but don’t quote me on that.

Christopher Tafoya
Christopher Tafoya aka DJ Christoph is a prominent French Music DJ, music enthusiast, collector of retro furniture and art and appreciator of fine alcohol. His apartment is amazing and his bar has more unique and delicious alcohol than I ever knew existed. Thanks for introducing me to St. George Terroir Gin.

Here’s some self portraits and a shot my good friend Todd Falcke shot at the Genoa Bar in NV.

Thanks to all my clients for supporting local artist! See you in the lens.

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