Oregon Skate Trip

Last month I piled into a spaceship looking van with a bunch of dirty skateboarders and headed for the concrete oases hidden within the lush green and dense forests of Oregon. Our mission was simple; skate as much as possible in route to Troutdale, OR where we would catch the Fleet Foxes live in concert. We had a pretty solid crew to say the least.. Ryan Stark, MVP of the trip was at the helm. Ryan has one of the best styles in skateboarding I have ever seen, the guy is just fun to watch. Ricky Krull held it down in shotgun. Ricky rides for The Company Skateboards and pretty much puts on a show wherever he skates. Mark Dillon holds it down for the Lurk Hard crew and is always coming through with amazing tricks and jokes for days. Yours truly pulled a few tricks out of the old bag and shot the whole adventure.
All in all it was an amazing trip full of action and adventure. We camped, swam in the Columbia River, skated 7 different skateparks, the van broke down, we saw the Fleet Foxes play an amazing show, explored downtown Portland, slept in parks and we made it back in one piece!

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