NIRVANA live in Sacramento!

Last night I went to the Crest Theater 20 years to the day after Nirvana had played there. Jerry Perry and some buddies of his had filmed Nirvana live at the cattle club in Sacramento in February of 1990. This was the 2nd show of Nirvana’s first ever tour. Jerry had the footage edited and screened it for free to about 300 adoring fans at the Crest.

The footage was raw and amazing! I think it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. As a photographer I am always trying to capture life’s moments but this footage really made me feel like some things are just too fleeting and spectacular to ever capture. The dark, dirty, grainy and shaky feel of the video only enhanced the emotions that were exploding from Kurt on stage. The video was a wonderful glimpse into a transformational moment in the history of music and I’m greatly appreciative to have been able to see it.

Don’t look for this video on youtube… you won’t find it… It will not be sold or used to make money. This video will be kept safe and freely shown to those fortunate enough to come across it’s path.

Thanks Jerry!!

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